Because we know a business doesn’t work at its best unless it is clearly focused on what the market wants and has a clear and simply designed system to ensure delivery

Brian and Prue Keen work together to help businesses, franchised or not, establish a business structure and systems designed for growth.

We know most business owners, even the big guys who have been around for years, are frustrated because it is difficult to really difficult get their team to focus on what is important and use systems which have taken so much time to put together.

The problem is most businesses have developed over time and they:

  • Are too complicated

And are focused on markets no longer relevant And, if they even exist, most systems are:

  • Too comprehensive
  • Difficult to use
  • And difficult to keep up to date

We know most businesses need to simplify to focus on what brings in the money and then create simple systems to ensure the team does the job your way every time without you having to be on top of each and every team member all the time.

This is what we teach our franchise groups to do which is why most franchises get the job done efficiently and successfully in a way that looks the same, feels the same and delivers the same, wherever they are located.

So, whether you want to franchise or just want to get your business to run like a franchise, the first step is to restructure for growth and then put systems in place so the business can run effectively without you.

Why Brian Keen

Brian is a philanthropist and business man with decades of business experience, many of them in the franchise sector.

Brian says…

I first saw the massive potential for franchising to create a successful business – fast – after opening and operating seven stores in just five years as a franchisee for Bedshed.

With the knowledge, I gained there, and later as a franchising consultant in Australia, a partner and I went on to set up The Franchise Alliance, an international consultancy which helped household names like Brumby’s, Ultra Tune, Jim’s Mowing and Donut King. We used this knowledge to develop successful sales strategies and franchise systems.

We then used those same strategies and systems to build up six successful franchise groups, with over 120 outlets between them.

Based on this depth of experience, we’ve since helped many dozens of businesses to grow successfully using the franchise model franchise successfully, increasing their profits and allowing their owners to retake control of their lives by working fewer hours.

I’ve now I brought all my knowledge together into my franchise consultancy, ‘Franchise Simply’, with the aim of showing business owners how to transform a family-sized firm into a multi-million-dollar asset through a unique four-step system, saving tens of thousands of dollars in consultancy fees in the process.

Over the years, it has become abundantly clear to me that the restructuring and systemizing process we use at the beginning of franchising apply to all businesses, whether they go on to franchise or not.

We have so many clients who have proven this by restructuring and systemizing their businesses, increasing turnover and profits many fold and then deciding not to franchise but to adopt one of the other business structures.

Prue Keen

Prue has worked creating reports, instruction manuals, books for the past 30 years in government (dealing with complex planning and environmental issues) and her own businesses, taking complex topics and making them easy for a wide audience

Over the past 10 years she joined Brian when he created Franchise Simply as Systems Director and has been closely involved in building the current digital structure.

She works closely with clients, particularly at the beginning of the franchise process, helping identify the new structures needed to franchise and to build operations systems either in our cloud-based FranSystems software or any other platform.

Prue says:

When restructuring to franchise, you have to simplify your offer, picking the most desired items and often discarding the rest. This is so franchisees clearly understand what to do and so it is easy to pick franchisees suited to doing the job. It is this clarification on what the business focuses on which gives so many of our clients a great boost in turnover and profit at the beginning of their franchising journey.

We remove the mystery about restructuring a business for growth before you begin

The first step is to undertake a three to four-hour strategy session.

We call this our Restructure To Grow Workshop,

This session gives you a very clear idea of your business or franchise big picture and the framework of your business or franchise system.
It also gives you the preliminary structure for your operations manuals.

Then we work out what is relevant to your team to make it work so you don’t add all the extra material that is not needed. And we talk about what you need to cover legally.

We work with you (or for you if you want us to do all the hard yards) to help you pull together your operations system for the whole business.

Systemising like this will enable you to delegate and take you out of the day to day, giving you time to grow your business and your life.

We give you the process which you can work through step-by-simple-step to build your system, and if you are franchising we give you clear guides on how to develop that part of the system.

Business is a team effort

Because we also understand you will probably need advice from other business specialists from myriad disciplines, if you join one of our Programs you also get an experienced team to work with you every step of the way if needed. You will be able to discuss your decisions with brand specialists, expert accountants and lawyers, territory specialists – the list goes on.

And, of course, Brian will be there to guide you, making sure each decision has a commercial basis and has input from his years of experience in the industry.

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What our clients say

Simon & Sandra Allars
Age Well Mobile Massage

Simon & I have been involved with Prue Keen for over three years and she was instrumental in guiding us through the franchise process for our business. Prue has an eagle eye for detail and a sharp acumen for systemisation and efficiency. We found her experience invaluable as we worked through the operations manuals for both franchisee and franchisor. Prue has the ability to cut through masses of information and bring clarity and focus on what is really necessary to achieve a good outcome for everyone.

We have no hesitation recommending Prue to anyone seeking assistance in the professional writing arena.

Gordon and Chantale McCallum
Golf Ladies First

What we like most about Prue is that she catered the program we are developing to our individual needs showing great patience and knowledge.

She is always there to help us giving detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to systemise and document our business ultimately resulting in greater understanding and growth; more than we could have imagined.

This is a continual learning curve and one which we are extremely happy to continue with Prue

Lisa Hellwege
Director and Founder of Earworx.

Prue Keen (Franchise Simply) has been a fantastic partner of Earworx since its creation 3 years ago. We have found her knowledge and experience very helpful with our various written needs. We have received a full range of services from Prue from relatively simple proof reading and advice about our various levels of documentation, through to complex strategic work that resulted in our highly successful and useful operations manual.

We would highly recommend Prue Keen anyone who has a need to document their business’s plans, processes or policies. You will find the service offered attentive, efficient, and effective. We are thrilled with our on-going association with Prue Keen and wish to actively encourage others to use her services as they will result in you having better and more useable documentation for your business without doubt.

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