We help business restructure and systemise to meet the challenges of today's markets

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How do I change the focus of my business to meet a new market?

Restructure To Grow makes it easy to realign your business to new markets and then systemise so you can easily delegate to grow the business as big as your dreams /as you know it can be / deserves to be / as it's potential... and some! Turn your business around using our simple system and expert guidance to show you how.
Hi I'm Brian and I'm a business expert.

At Restructure To Grow we help business owners facing new markets turnaround and grow their business into a more valuable asset.

We show you how to restructure a business so that it is realigned to new markets and then systemise so the business becomes simpler to manage and be one you can be really proud of.

We all come come across challenging times in business and from time to time have to make substantial changes when the market moves. Today, in this COVID-19 environment we are all facing drastic market changes which will keep coming in ways none of us can imagine. You've worked hard to get this far so let us help you get ontop of the challenges we face and get your business realigned to meet the opportunities we all I know will come as COVID-19 fades.


How can we help you now?

Having owned my own businesses for over 35 years, many in the franchise sector, having helped many franchise groups set up and grow and having seen businesses I’ve worked with grow by over $5bn in that time, I know many of the lessons from well structured franchised businesses are the key to keeping any business viable – even when things get tough.


Because a good franchised business system, done properly with good support systems:

  • Creates a simple, focused business delivering a product your customers love to want
  • Gives you business partners (your key staff or franchisees) to help with the workload and managing staff
  • Helps both you and your business partners delegate efficiently so everyone gets the job done the way you want it done
  • Gives both you the growth and freedom to live the life you want

This experience has shown me that, although every business is different, the process to align and systemise a business so that it operates effectively is the same, franchised or not.

There are two very simple steps you need to follow which will touch on your whole business. And, to be successful, you need to involve a team of business savvy specialists to help you along the way.

The benefits of working with us through a clear structured process are great.

It’s all around transparency.

  • The process is streamlined which makes it easier for you to work with Brian and our experts so it is faster and more effective.
  • You know up front what needs to be done and how the information needs to be built up to give you a successful outcome.
  • It’s easy to measure what you have already completed, or where you want to work on your own, and where you need help to get the trickier bits done.
  • Our programs are flexible and can be customised to suit your needs. With our straightforward pricing you do not need to pay for expert help where it is not needed.

That is what we offer at Restructure To Grow – our clear, flexible, simple step-by-step process – delivered with Brian’s experienced management and mentoring and the caring expert advice from our team of business specialists.

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See the results... Achieved by our clients

It has been much easier than we expected. There has been a lot of education along the way. We thought it would be a tricky process but it has been quite simple.

We started our journey with Franchise Simply for two reasons. One was to simplify and systemize our business with a view to expansion through franchising.

Todd and Jen Kuhn
Now we have taken the next step and franchised so our business continues to grow.

We went to the Melbourne Franchise Expo in 2015 when franchising was just a dream without legs and then we went to the two-day Workshop where we decided to sign up to one of the programs. We grew 270% in our first year with Brian before we even franchised.

Sandra & Simon Allars
Soothe Massage
Brian and Prue from Franchise Simply. They have just been brilliant!

Brian and Prue from Franchise Simply. They have just been brilliant! We chose to go down a franchising model where you can so easily feel overwhelmed. They helped us a lot by getting the order right for the way to do things, by explaining what you’ve got ahead of you and all the things you’ve got to put together and then showing us how and putting us in contact with other people at the right time that it needed to happen.

Lisa Hellwege
I'm still growing successfully today despite my retirement.

If I wanted help with franchising today, Brian's the guy I'm going to see. He's got the ethic, with the work ethic and the knowledge and skill to help most people.

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